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Imagine being surrounded by sea on your own island. We will make floating overnight solutions using mostly recovered materials. This will entail that every destination is different. The destinations will be autonomous in the sense that they can move based on peoples preferences. We are already in the process of making a analog pilot.

During the process the network of actors will steadily grow. This will allow even more innovative solutions!


Some of the the tech that will be included are:

GPS, AI , sensors and a good platform for the user.


These destiantions are floating and thereby do not require any processed land. The matreials used are mostly repurposed, recovered materials that might end up as waste. A seamless experience for the user will make this experience available at your fingertips.


Tobias - potato - experience from startups, with an international background in design and entrepreneurship.

Jens - architect -  experience from startups, with an international background  sustaiable architecture 

We seek anyone who has an intereset of joining :) Programmers are very welcome!