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💎 Idea

FlyAway App will contain following components:

  • set your trip
  • trip assistant
  • documents
  • map experience
  • flyaway awards

Set your trip will allow you to easily book flight, accommodation, transportation during your trip, car rental and insurance using best price/quality algorithm (FlyAway AI) to find sustainable destinations.

FlyAway Travel Assistant will be module of FlyAway app which will help tourist to go through planned journey with ease, automatically helping of getting to and from airport, checking in, finding nearest accommodation, best places to see and best restaurants to eat in. All based on tourist geo-location, breaking all possible barriers: language, ethnicity.

Documents - all travel-related documents in one place.

Map experience - categorized recommendations of places worth seeing, hidden spots, best places to eat in.

Flyaway awards - gamification module to introduce rivalry between tourists to decrease CO2 emission generated by tourist. 

We want YOU to become your own travel agency at the best value for money with real-time support.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Copernicus historical meteorological data - used to suggest destinations by user choice: average historical air/water temperature while month of the trip. 

GNSS - using user real-time location in trip assistant to make trip easier and more convenient. Based on user real-time location, we will support user in experiencing travel without any usual problems such as: transportation, accommodation, finding useful informations. All suggestions will be automatically delivered to user to improve his travel experience. All features will be integrated with 3rd party companies as booking/airbnb/uber/bolt/etc to make everything possible from one app. 

🏖️ (Re)Visit Europe

We offer:

finding sustainable destinations - based on user location, user will get (best prize/quality) offers nearby: flights, accommodation, transportation, places worth seeing. 

experiencing cities and cultures - providing places worth seeing nearby user: nature, historical monuments, tickets to unusual activities, based on user preferences and travel history. 

exploring nature with care - integration with pro-ecological companies providing eco services: electric scooters, bike rentals, electric cars, green apartments, ride-sharing, etc. Encourage tourist to use eco transport methods by gamification module. 

💪 Team 

  Magdalena Kołodziej - Project Manager

  Dawid Dec - Coder

  Mateusz Martyna - Designer