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GreenLink combines space data, and IoT to optimize infrastructure development as a holistic solution to supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

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  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



Figma Prototype 

Copernicus Data Analysis

Web App

💎 Idea

We transform audit advice into practical solutions, ensuring green building success. We target consulting firms that grant green certificates for buildings, ensuring we offer them the best data about generating and maintaining green energy and a safe environment.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We have managed to link the need for concrete data about your zone of interest with analytics tailored to your needs, we develop a web app where your selected zone is then analyzed and processed based on your project needs, be that sustainable energy generated through solar panels, wind turbines or just maintaining clean air. Data from Copernicus is actively used as the first part of our product, where we can generate heat maps and analysis of your selected plot of land. 

💎💎💎Unique Value💎💎💎

Our twist is the sensor box we built during the hackathon, to complement the data from the satellites, in our platform users who plan to go forward with our monitoring services have the opportunity to measure the data live and view it in our dashboard.

⛑️ Supporting Sustainable Infrastructure Development

We want to ensure the monitoring of the right parameters when building green buildings and provide data-driven solutions for them.

🤼 Team

Antonia Lutsch worked on the idea and feasibility of the product, researching the topic, as well as the design of the visual identity.

Carla Lutsch is the main designer of our team, designing the logo, color scheme, and web app. Contributing to the building of the prototype.

Andrei Popovici is one of our embedded specialist, prototyping the local data collection module, and developing our hardware MVP.

Matei Sorodoc is an embedded specialist, working with the sensors necessary for our prototype of the local data collection module, as well as assisting in the web app design.

Antonia Szecsi operated on the product part, building the business plan and conducting research on the topic of green infrastructure and BREEAM certification.

Alexandru Huc is our data scientist working with the data from the Copernicus Satellite and analyzing the needed parameters for our idea, as well as creating an ML to predict the most efficient way to place certain types of energy producers. 

Alexandru Mihoc created the link between the hardware and the data analysis part, through a software built with the best and most modern technologies.