An innovative app that tackles urban parking and electric vehicle charging issues by enabling homeowners to share their private charging stations and parking spaces, promoting sustainability.

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  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development


💎 Idea

HomeSpot is a pioneering mobile application designed to transform urban living by tackling the twin challenges of parking congestion and electric vehicle (EV) charging accessibility. At the intersection of smart mobility and the shared economy, HomeSpot empowers homeowners to open their private EV charging stations and parking spaces to the community, ushering in sustainability and alleviating urban gridlock.

🛰️ EU space technologies

HomeSpot leverages a wealth of data to enhance the user experience and deliver value. Geolocation data enables users to find nearby charging stations and parking spaces. User profiles and preferences personalize the platform, while information on station and parking availability, pricing, and transaction history empowers users to make informed choices. User-generated reviews and ratings build trust, and real-time traffic data aids trip planning. Environmental impact data highlights sustainability. Availability and booking signals reduce uncertainty, and safety and security signals foster trust. This data-driven approach ensures a seamless and customized urban mobility experience.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

HomeSpot addresses three critical challenges: urban parking congestion, electric vehicle charging accessibility, and sustainable mobility. By reducing traffic gridlock, promoting cleaner transportation, and empowering local communities, it contributes to international development by fostering environmentally friendly urban spaces and economic opportunities, aligning with humanitarian aid goals for a sustainable and equitable future.

🤼 Team

Filip Csibi - Student, Software Developer, Content Creator, Ex-Sales Consultant, Video/Foto Editor

Rares Daramus - Student, Software Developer, Content Creator, Ex-Sales Agent, Video/Foto Editor

Roberta Sustrean - Student, Graphic Designer