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Fight Desert

Solution to analyze and compare reforestation and desert revitalization projects

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water




Desertification is a global environmental problem that affects one-fifth of the earth’s surface and threatens the livelihoods of nearly one billion people. It is caused by factors such as global warming, soil erosion, and water scarcity, and it results in reduced agricultural productivity, biodiversity loss, and increased poverty, hunger, disease, migration, and conflicts. There is an urgent need for innovative solutions to prevent and reverse desertification and restore the ecological balance and human well-being in the affected regions.

The Product

Our platform is a web-based solution that collects and analyzes data on various techniques for desert reforestation and soil restoration. These techniques include planting native vegetation, using drip irrigation, applying liquid nanoclay, enriching soil with nutrients, terracing, and introducing beneficial species. Our platform enables governments and humanitarian aid organizations to compare the effectiveness, costs, and benefits of different methods, and to monitor the changes in soil moisture, vegetation cover, and temperature over time. Our platform helps users to find the most suitable and sustainable way to combat desertification and improve the environment and livelihoods of the affected communities.

Potential clients

Our platform targets governments and humanitarian organizations that are involved in desert reforestation and soil restoration projects around the world. Some of our potential clients include the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), the government of India (Great Green Wall project), the United Arab Emirates and many others. Our platform can help these clients to optimize their interventions, reduce their costs, and increase their impact on the environment and the people living in the desert regions.

What data we use

Our platform relies on various satellite and weather data to measure and track the changes in desert reforestation and soil restoration. 

  • Sentinel-2 - to retrieve information about the vegetation index and soil moisture index, which indicate the health and productivity of the plants and the soil. 
  • Landsat 7 ETM+ - to retrieve information about the surface temperature, which affects the evaporation and transpiration rates of the water. 
  • Meteostat.net - to obtain information about the weather conditions to identify anomalous weather events, such as extreme rainfall or drought, and adjust the statistics accordingly.

How it can help

With this project, we try to strengthen food security & access to clean water.  Our platform is a powerful tool that can help governments and humanitarian organizations to Fight Deserts and improve the quality of life of the affected communities. Clients can compare and monitor the different techniques for desert reforestation and soil restoration, and find the most suitable solution for their region.

Meet the team

Vitalii - Team Lead, Software engineer

Nazar - Data Scientist

Violetta - Data Engineer

Nestor - Front-end developer