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Predicting harvest with weather and temperature

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



Our idea revolves around predicting crop growth by leveraging weather data and various environmental factors. Farmers around the world face the challenge of unpredictable weather conditions, which can significantly impact crop yields and food security. We aim to address this issue by developing an application that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze historical weather data, current weather conditions, biologically effective degree days, heavy precipitation days, mean temperature, and other relevant factor, and more. By doing so, we intend to provide accurate predictions of crop growth, enabling farmers to make informed decisions on planting, harvesting, and resource allocation.

We intend to utilize data and signals from space technologies like Galileo, and ClimateMap. These technologies offer valuable data on weather patterns, environmental conditions, and geographical information. By integrating data from these sources, we can create a comprehensive and accurate model for predicting crop growth.

Our project tackles three crucial challenges within the realm of international development and humanitarian aid. Firstly, by leveraging space technologies and environmental factors, we empower farmers to adapt to climate change and enhance food security. Second, we bridge data gaps in developing regions, promoting data-driven decision-making for resource allocation and crop management, which bolsters food production and economic stability. Lastly, our solution builds resilience against crop failures caused by extreme weather events, thereby supporting humanitarian efforts and aligning with the goals of sustainable development and international aid.

Oleksandr Milko is a skilled Machine Learning specialist, known for his expertise in developing advanced algorithms and models that drive innovation in the field of artificial intelligence.

Illia Martynov is a dedicated Frontend developer with a reputation for his unwavering commitment to achieving project success, prioritizing results above all else.

Sviatoslav Pylyp is a proficient Backend developer, recognized for his ability to create robust server-side solutions that power web applications and ensure their seamless functionality.

Anton Sakhanovych is a versatile DevOps professional and a team leader who, while having a wide range of skills, excels in managing and coordinating various aspects of software development, ensuring efficient collaboration among team members.