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Our project innovates monitoring, prevents human-induced damages, and aids crisis response, protecting our planet.

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💎 Idea: 

Our project idea revolves around using satellite imagery and artificial intelligence to monitor and combat illegal deforestation in forested areas. By comparing satellite images of specific forest sections over time, we can identify any significant changes that may indicate illegal logging activities.  This innovative approach will help address the critical issue of illegal deforestation, which has a profound impact on our environment.

🛰️ EU Space Technologies:

We will primarily utilize Copernicus, a flagship EU Earth observation program, to access high-resolution satellite imagery and data. Copernicus provides us with valuable information on the Earth's environment, which will be instrumental in our mission. We intend to extract data from Copernicus to monitor changes in forested areas over time, identifying illegal deforestation and its consequences.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid: 

Our project addresses the "Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid" challenge by combating illegal deforestation, which is a significant global issue. Deforestation contributes to environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, and disrupts the livelihoods of local communities. By using satellite imagery to monitor forested areas, we can help in preventing illegal logging activities, thus protecting natural resources, biodiversity, and the well-being of local populations. This initiative aligns with international development and humanitarian aid efforts by preserving critical ecosystems and supporting sustainable forestry practices.

🤼 Team: 

Our dedicated team comprises experts in various domains:

1. Seinic Cristian (Project Lead and Drone Enthusiast): expert in drone and satellite technology and will monitor deforestation using satellite with NDVI settings or using drones equipped with multispectral cameras to monitor vegetation health.

2. Pavlov Dumitru (Technology Developer): responsible for developing the software and tools required to automate data analysis and streamline the process of detecting illegal deforestation and vegetation health assessment.

3. Bendelic Dumitru (AI Enthusiast):  passionate about applying AI to environmental issues. He's currently a computer science student with a strong interest in image analysis and its applications.

4. Nunu Gabriela (Computer Science Student): assists in developing and fine-tuning the AI algorithms used for analyzing satellite images.

5. Bolfa Victor (Visual Communication and Design Student): specializes in creating visually appealing materials for the project, including posters, infographics, and presentations, to effectively communicate the project's goals and achievements.

Our team is united by a common goal: to combat illegal deforestation using cutting-edge technology and promote international development and humanitarian aid by preserving our planet's precious forests.