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One Point

application that supports decision-making for providing humanitarian aid. [WIP]

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



💎 Idea!
Our project idea is "Centralized Earth Monitoring System for Humanitarian Issues" - One Point. For many public institutions and non-governmental organizations operating in a given area, data from such a system can be an invaluable source of information. Currently, they receive information from various sources that is unorganized and does not provide any deep analysis. Currently, there is no solution on the market that offers access to up-to-date information about local community issues in one place.

The proposal we came up as a team is to create a centralized Earth monitoring system for humanitarian purposes. We have developed an application that collects satellite data, analyzes it for the presence of issues (such as vegetation index, population migrations, and detection of areas prone to frequent floods and fires), and organizes it according to the priorities.

🛰️ EU space technologies
We utilize data from the Copernicus program in combination with other data sources such as reports from the World Bank and the European Commission. This data can be analyzed to determine the state/population count in the given area and identify points of interest for emergency services and volunteers.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid
In project, we wanted to address the second challenge. The centralized Earth monitoring system allows for strengthening food security and access to clean water (including analyzing available water sources and the level of civil population's access to water and food). This enables data collection in one system and prioritizing it for action in a given area. Non-governmental organizations and public institutions can utilize this data and adjust their resources according to the current situation. Gathering information in one place facilitates easy and quick planning of future actions in the area and the local community.

🤼 Team

Mikołaj - team leader/ project manager/ programmer;
A passionate programmer and data analyst. An active social activist. In the project, he takes on the roles of project manager and programmer.
Krystian - coder/ tech lead;
specializing in image processing (including using machine learning) and passionate about drum n' bass music.
Jakub - data scientist;
Studying Engineering and Data Analysis at Rzeszow University of Technology. Enthusiastic about programming, especially in Python. Interests include reading fantasy, sci-fi, and crime books, self, and playing first-person shooter games.
Oleksandra - UI/UX designer/ business analytic;
User enthusiast, who believes in a UX-first approach and creates products that are both convenient and good-looking. In this project, she focused on showing the data in an accessible way, while also giving the opportunity to easily manage the workflow in the web app.
Natalia - graphic designer;
Studying architecture at the Silesian University of Technology. Interested in development of space architecture and educating other students about space.

Our project!
- Alghorithms proof of concept