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Application that serves as a middle-man between the end user and an insurance company. We try to detect/warn users about natural disasters like floods before they happen and supply countermeasures.

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  • 3. Understanding and forecasting forced migration



💎 Idea

Our idea addresses the problem of financial losses incurred by insurance companies due to natural disasters. The insurance industry faces significant challenges in managing and mitigating risks associated with these events. With the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters, our goal is to improve the preparedness and protection of property owners. We want to create a system that benefits both the consumer and the insurance company.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Our idea relies on leveraging open data sources, primarily Copernicus Emergency Management Services, Meteoalarm.org, and OPSI (Open Data of Slovenia), to bring significant value to our solution. Copernicus EMS provides real-time information on various natural disasters, enabling us to offer users up-to-date insights into ongoing emergencies, facilitating timely warnings and proactive measures. Meteoalarm.org offers weather alerts and warnings, enabling personalized alerts and protective advice for users in the face of meteorological threats. OPSI provides crucial open data on flood-prone areas in Slovenia, allowing us to deliver localized risk assessments and tailored guidance to property owners.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

We are solving the problem of understanding and forecasting forced migrations more specifically the problem of planning, decision-making and resource allocation due to natural and man-made disasters

We are addressing the third challenge, "Understanding and forecasting forced migrations," with a specific focus on "Planning, decision-making, and resource allocation due to natural and man-made disasters." Our solution contributes to tackling the issues faced in international development and humanitarian aid by improving the preparedness and response to natural disasters. By leveraging data from Copernicus Emergency Management Services, Meteoalarm.org, and OPSI, our platform enhances the understanding and prediction of natural disasters, enabling timely alerts, resource allocation, and decision-making.

🤼 Team

  • Tristan Hudales - CEO
  • Matic Marušič - Developer
  • Timotej Vošinek - Data analyst
  • Nik Jeromel - UX/UI designer
  • Rok Rozman - Developer