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We are building a complete solution for monitoring vineyards. It uses satellite data to provide information about vineyard health.

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



💎 Idea:  

Growing sustainable eco-friendly grapes requires a great deal of attention. Grapevines are delicate plants susceptible to different diseases. Preventions for such diseases are not always possible, so early detection of such problems is critical to the success of vineyards. Early intervention allows growers to isolate and mend problematic plants while using fewer pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides.   

Our solution enables users to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their vineyards are being monitored and analyzed using satellite technology. Users can check on the status of their vineyards remotely, without the use of expensive terrain sensors, which get dirty and monitor a limited area. Satellite imagery available in our solution is of higher quality, as satellite sensors are much more accurate than commercially available ones.   

🛰️ EU space technologies:  

We use Sentinel Hub data and Statistical API to get the information used in our monitoring solution. To get the specific data we used requests builder. We are currently using humidity, vegetation index, solar radiation, and temperature data, provided by the Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellites available on the Copernicus data space ecosystem.  

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid:  

Food security and sustainability are growing issues, and providing the tools for monitoring food production is essential. Growing larger yields and healthier fruits, because of decreased waste due to diseases, provides more food security and long-term sustainability. Using fewer chemicals and pesticides, harmful to the environment, is essential for future food production.  

🤼 Team:  

Aljaž Herzog: AI, image recognition engineer  

Andraž Vrečko: Design and UX  

David Režonja: Data scientist  

Jure Zavratnik: Idea development, PR  

Tadej Podrekar: Bussines management, research