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OptiGrow is a cutting-edge software project designed to help farmers and enthusiasts find the best crops to grow for a given location.

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OptiGrow - your farming assistant

Welcome to OptiGrow - your ideal assistant for planning and optimizing farming on your selected area! Whether you are a novice in gardening or an experienced farmer, OptiGrow will help you make informed decisions when choosing crops based on the area you've drawn on the map.

How OptiGrow Works

  1. Draw Your Area: Easily sketch your growing area on the interactive map. The app will automatically analyze soil data, climatic conditions, and topography for that region.
  2. Personalized Recommendations: After delineating your area, OptiGrow will present you with a list of crops that thrive best in your conditions. Tailored recommendations take into account everything from soil nutrient content, pH levels, temperature, and rainfall to local climate characteristics.
  3. Variety of Plants: OptiGrow won't just present you with the best crops but also offer an extensive list of different plant varieties suitable for your area. This allows you to diversify and harvest year-round.
  4. Maintenance Tips: OptiGrow doesn't stop at plant selection; it also provides useful advice on care, watering, and fertilizing, ensuring your farming is successful and profitable.

Why OptiGrow

OptiGrow is your reliable farming partner based on scientific data and advanced technology. We help you unlock your area's potential for growing healthy food and gardening with minimal environmental impact.

Track your crops' growth, make smart decisions, and enjoy rich and flavorful harvests. Take a step towards smart farming with OptiGrow and discover your area's potential for successful gardening!

Problem statement

The problem at hand is the challenge that farmers and gardeners face in determining the most suitable crops to grow in a specific area, considering factors like soil type, climate, and local conditions. Planting the wrong crops can lead to poor yields, wasted resources, and economic losses. Traditional trial-and-error methods are inefficient and may not optimize the use of land and resources.

Proposed solution

GardenWise offers a data-driven and user-friendly solution for crop selection and farming planning by leveraging modern technology and data analysis. Here's how we plan to address this problem:

  1. Data Analysis: OptiGrow will use different data, such as soil type, pH levels, local climate data, and geographical information, which are essential for crop suitability. These data sources will be combined to create a comprehensive understanding of the farming environment.
  2. Recommendations: Based on these gathered data, the application will provide personalized recommendations on the best crops for the specified area.

EU space technologies

We intent to use data available by the Copernicus programme. Some data will be gathered from other sources, specifically data about soil type.


Filip Pasarič is passionate about building communities and fostering collaboration. His assignment is project management.

Klara Gicheva is young and aspired designer dedicated to creating a user-friendly and visually appealing platform.

Maša Mekiš has a strong background in UI/UX and will make sure that every detail is perfect.

David Slatinek is responsible for development, his main focus is data engineering.

Eftimije Tomovski is a proven developer that makes sure every technical aspect fits into the great picture.

Domen Krasnič brings years of experience from industry as a developer.