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Horizon Dynamics

An Innovative Emergency Warning System

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  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



Horizon Dynamics is an innovative approach to Early Warning Systems. During a blackout or a natural disaster, the Galileo constellation is capable of fast and precise detecting any civilians in danger. Consulting with Emergency Management and utilizing commercially available telecommunication satellites capable of sending SMS with a narrow beam, we can penetrate though even the most severe storm, making sure notifications reach those who need it.

EU Space Tech:
The primary space technology is the Galileo Global Navigation Satellite System paired with commercially available services such as provided by Intelsat. By monitoring where people are with GPS, we can send them vital information on how to act in any disaster, should the ground network fail.

Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid
With this approach we are helping to protect our critical infrastructure of Emergency Warning Systems.


Ivan Porupski - CEO, Sales, PR

Sven Krušić - CFO, Business Developer

Val Krušić - Junior Software Engineer

OPEN POSITION - Actively looking for Lead Engineer