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Measurement of physical quantities in correlation with space data

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  • Poland


  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water
  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



Our Idea

Data from satellites are fascinating, but can we make them even more useful? We believe so! Our project aims at new hardware (IoT) possibilities. Imagine solution, which can enrich all future satellite imagery datasets with measuring other physical quantities such as temperature, object movement, electromagnetic field, humidity, etc. Every quantity is measurable. 

We can create customizable smart sensor, which can provide data correlated with satellites. Small box with microcontroller, few sensors and battery, or possibly solar panel, has limitless use cases for scientific, business and humanitarian purposes. So the overall potential market is huge.

We do not have ambitions to analyze these data, because we are not data scientists, but we are here to provide data analysts with high quality data, the oil of 21st century.

Use of EU space technologies

We want to use Galileo for exact time synchronization of every sensor and JASON for absolutely precise positioning. Also, in the future, we would like to use IRIS for data aggregation, until than the best solution is LoRa, which can transmit data over 10 km distance, at most. 

Than the most important part comes. We will pair collected data from sensors with Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem, which will result in huge improvement for both datasets.

Link with the challenges

Our solution will improve all parts of space data, but we see the greatest impact on challenges no. 1 and 2. There the sensors will be not be useful only for data collecting, but also for alerting dangerous conditions. 

We can name same use cases: Gyroscopic and electromagnetic monitors of high voltage poles, rock and soil stability near infrastructure, vibrations and statics of critical infrastructure parts, like bridges and water damns, humidity and soil quality in agricultural areas and many more. 

We took name of Slavic god Vales (sometimes also called Veles, or Volos) for this project, because his "job" was quite similar with ours: Protecting infrastructure and helping with agriculture. Although we are going to expand to many other areas of space data usage in the future.

Overview of the team

In our team there are two people with technical background, mostly software and hardware development, and third one is more into business. We have a common passion for building new technologies, which help to make world a better place!

We have already experience with incubation program, because we were part of Caelestinus incubation program in Prague this year and our solution is already helping nurses in hospitals.

You can find more information on our personal profiles.