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Satellite-Driven Afforestation & Reforestation: Geo-Optimized Flood Mitigation

Leveraging EU satellite data to locate optimal sites for afforestation and reforestation, aiming to reduce future flood risks and advance sustainable development and humanitarian aid.

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  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development




Problem: Flooding causes significant destruction, and tree losses exacerbate the issue. 

Solution: The aim is to mitigate flood risks through satellite-driven afforestation and reforestation. Utilize satellite maps to track tree losses. Implement a strategy to plant more trees strategically, informed by satellite data, in areas prone to flooding, and flooding causes major damages like:

Environmental Damages:

  • Erosion and Soil Degradation
  • Loss of Biodiversity
  • Water Pollution
  • Disruption of Natural Processes

Infrastructure Damages:

  • Property Damage
  • Crop Losses
  • Infrastructure Failures

Social and Economic Impacts:

  • Loss of Lives and Injuries
  • Displacement of Communities
  • Health Risks
  • Impact on Livelihoods

Long-Term Consequences:

  • Infrastructure Repair Costs
  • Psychological Impact
  • Increased Vulnerability to Future Events

And afforestation and reforestation can contribute significantly to mitigating some of the problems caused by floods, especially in terms of environmental and infrastructure damages.

🛰️ EU Space Technologies

Data and Signals Used:

  1. Satellite Imagery: Leveraging high-resolution satellite imagery for tracking tree losses and identifying flood-prone areas using Google Earth engine and Copernicus.
  2. Environmental Monitoring Data: Utilizing data from Google Earth Engine observation from satellites for assessing environmental changes and past year flood impacts.
  3. Value: Satellite data provides critical insights for identifying areas affected by floods at the past, tracking tree losses, and strategically planning afforestation efforts to mitigate flood risks.

🤼 Team

Team Members:

  1. Christos - Developer: Responsible for implementing technological solutions and data analysis.
  2. Denice - Developer: Contributing to the technical aspects of the project and data analysis.
  3. Surya - Research and Presentation: Provided valuable insights related to flood damage causes and created the pitch presentation.
  4. Leonard - Research Support: Assisted the team in gathering additional insights for the project.

Brief Bios:

  1. Christos and Denice: Developers with a focus on implementing technological solutions and analyzing data to address environmental challenges
  2. Surya: Contributed significantly by researching flood damage causes and creating a compelling pitch presentation for the hackathon
  3. Leonard: Provided valuable support by assisting the team in gathering additional insights related to the project.