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  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



IDEA - The Solar-Wind

The efficiency of solar panels compared to the new perovskite material is lower and more expensive.  Also, installing solar panels requires a large area.  How can we make the most of a limited space while reducing installation costs?

EU space technologies

The combination of a wind turbine and perovskites, which will cover the free area of the wind turbine, will increase the production of energy several times, without requiring additional space. Data from satellites in real time will help to adjust the operation of the combined station, choosing the most effective energy source at the moment: wind or sun. These decisions will be made by artificial intelligence analyzing satellite data, such as humidity, wind force, pressure and others. So our forecasts will be more accurate and complete. This will not only give us more energy, but also ensure uninterrupted operation, leveling out cases when energy may not be available.

Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

We solve first problem dealing with production energy. Modernization of existing solution with using data from satellite allow to increase the efficiency of producing energy per year.  Our solution is aimed at companies, including construction companies, that deal with products and want to reduce energy costs in the long term.


The skills of our team fully cover the needs of the project:

Tetiana Klimenko - programming in Java for IoT, AI, program an integrated module for controlling a station based on satellite data

Anastasia Kononeko - energetic (electronics, mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, math, physics, chemistry, materials science, strength of materials)

Anna Bevziuk  - area of study is smart cities: automatic control systems, strategic environmental management, reverse logistics, electro-technics, environmental monitoring