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Save the Fruits!

Fruits are fighting a losing battle with insects all over the globe due to climate change. We map the risk to plants, offering solutions based on environmental factors.

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



Mango, avocado, bananas are all plagued by insects and in many countries the country production has collapsed due to insects overpopulating. This is no longer localized problems but they are spreading fast due to climate change and transport of products.

Our team is identifying the living condition of the plants, the insects and diseases that plague the fruit production. By using multiple satellite datasets we mark the outer barriers of the possible living conditions of plants and insects. This leads to more accurate predication of living conditions than by other methods, which mean the pests can be tackled if people know the right methods. 
Thus we will also offer the methods to tackle the problems, use of insecticides, when to prune, at what time to take action are all affected by environmental factors that we can use satellite data to predict. 

The team is strong with specialist knowledge in the plants and in using satellite data to predict insect behaviours