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Green Cable

Green Cable: Revolutionizing Energy with Satellites. Predict, Plan, Monitor, and Connect for a Sustainable Future.

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  • Slovenia


  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



💎 Idea

Green Cable: Empowering Tomorrow's Energy Landscape

Experience the future of sustainable energy with Green Cable! Our cutting-edge platform harnesses satellite data and advanced technologies to revolutionize how we plan renewable energy infrastructure. We connect landowners with forward-thinking investors to build green energy power plants, while also exploring untapped potential in emerging energy sources. This isn't just about innovation; it's a transformation that adds value for everyone involved and elevates underutilized lands to new heights. 

🛰️ EU space technologies

The access to satellite imagery provided by the EU and CASSINI enables us to determine land degradation across the whole of Europe, as well as predict future cloud coverage, landslide potential and impact. Combining this data with other sources such as wind information from Windy.com, weather information from openweathermap.org and geodetic information from publicly available state owned sources, allows us to recognize optimal locations for developing green infrastructure and provide opportunities and value for both land owners and investors. EU Space Technology provides us with a unique opportunity to both improve infrastructure and the environment. ⚡🌍🤝

🤼 Team

  • Milka Karadža, legal powerhouse, seamlessly fusing her defense background with legislative expertise, guides us in navigating intricate legal landscapes, ensuring unwavering compliance.
  • Nuša Zidarn, psychologist with a master's in economics, she's our sustainability guru, deciphering human behavior and driving eco-conscious choices.
  • Milan Nikolić, code master behind the scenes, he transforms ideas into cutting-edge platforms for efficient energy resource management.

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