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Application that helps beekeepers in maintaining their beehives, optimizing honey production, with the help of sattelite imagery analysis

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  • Slovenia


  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



💎 Idea

Our application would help beekeepers in optimizing their resources, by providing extensive satellite data analysis on the optimal (re)positioning of their beehives. This not only maximizes honey production but also supports crop pollination, which is critical for food production.

🛰️ EU space technologies

SENTINEL-2: Vegetation index mapping, with which we will follow growth patterns and identify the best areas rich in flora for bee foraging.

SENTINEL-3: Air humidity & soil moisture analysis, with which we will monitor environmental conditions that are crucial for bee health and hive productivity.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

Challenge #2: Bees are a staple in our society. Without their help with pollination, many crops would fail to produce food. Our application aims to protect these vital insects by ensuring beekeepers can place hives in locations that minimize risks from environmental stressors and maximize foraging opportunities, thereby securing food production and biodiversity.

🤼 Team

- Jovana Murdjeva: Data analysis, Software developer

- Anže Kozole: Product owner, Product lead, Business analysis

- Sunaj Nedjip: Data analysis, Software developer

- Martina Arsovska: UX/UI designer, Business analysis, Marketing management

- Kristijan Grizhev: Frontend developer