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We provide insight into the most suitable areas for harnessing wind energy, analyze the investment, and compare it with other renewable energy sources.

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  • Slovenia


  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



💎 Idea

Meet AeroQuest: Your go-to app for pinpointing the perfect spots for electric windmills. Our cutting-edge technology predicts prime locations while offering a handy cost calculator for estimating expenses and ROI. Empowering smart decisions for efficient, cost-effective renewable energy solutions.

🛰️ EU space technologies

As for the EU space techonologies, we are using the vegetation index layer provided to us by the Sentinel-3 satellite, which will help us determine the vegetation around the expected wind farm position.

In addition to that we are also using some other interactive satellite maps to get a hold of data such as wind speed, local bird population, protected areas and some others.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

We are participating in the challenge #1:  Supporting sustainable infrastructure development.

🤼 Team

Our team consists of 6 masters students of informatics at the University of Maribor.

Gašper Funda Povše is our team leader as well as a software developer focusing on the front end of the application.

Timotej Kolar is also a software developer and a part of the frontend team.

Julija Pestiček is one of our UI Designers with background in media communications.

Ana Gašperin also a part of the UI Designers team with background in media communications.

Aljaž Lipar is a software developer that specialises in backend  software development and machine learning.

Marcel Iskrač is a software developer that is also a part of our backend and machine learning development team.