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CropSAT is an innovative solution to the problem of pests and diseases in argiculture. Diseases can be caught early on by using satellite data and it can be then mitigated before it spreads futher.

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water




CropSAT is a cutting-edge agricultural tool that leverages satellite data to proactively detect and combat pests and diseases in crops. By utilizing remote sensing technology, it can pinpoint early signs of crop health deterioration, enabling farmers to take precise measures to curb the issues before they spread. This approach not only saves costs by reducing the need for broad treatments but also promotes sustainability by minimizing chemical use and supports real-time monitoring for timely interventions, ultimately enhancing agricultural productivity.

EU Space Technologies

CropSAT will use data from Sentiel-2 and Sentiel-3 such as chlorophyll index, moisture level, temperature, vegetation density, plant water content and other variables to monitor the health of crops; preventing yield loss and uncontrolled spread of disease.

Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

Challenge #2: Strengthening food security & access to clean water


Ignacio Garro: Business Director focusing on marketing and brand image

Ivan Mesić: Front-end developer focusing on javascript frameworks and responsive web apps

Luka Miletić: Back-end developer focusing java back-ends and database development

Valentino Divjak: System engineering & software developer focusing on back end