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All-g is a consulting startup that specializes in data analysis, biotech services for renewable energy production, and forecasting using algae technologies.

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  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



💎 Idea

All-g is a consulting startup that specializes in data analysis, biotech services for renewable energy production, and forecasting using algae technologies. We utilize the Copernicus Data to gather essential information, such as CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, temperature, and UV index to identify ideal locations for the growth of algae. 

Our data-driven approach helps governments and private entities forecast the captured carbon dioxide and renewable energy (biofuel and biogas) generation more accurately. This contributes to a greener future by reducing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere and increasing renewable energy sources.

Through the Copernicus portal, we access accurate data for informed decision-making, ensuring optimal conditions for algae growth. Our algorithm intends to be the most reliable possible approach when it comes to the forecast of renewable energy production, profitability, and CO2 capture. With the integration of advanced technology, partners, and eco-conscious practices we are committed to presenting new environmental solutions.

🛰️ EU space technologies

The Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem provides access to Earth observation data from the Copernicus Sentinel satellites and a wide range of complementary data sources. Our project relies on a combination of data sources and satellite information to identify ideal locations for our algae production. As a part of this process, we collect the following site conditions: 

  • Sentinel data :

    • Sentinel 2 - L2A : Moisture index and scene classification;

    • Sentinel 3 - SLSTR : Sea and land temperature;

  • Complementary data sources :

    • Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) : UV index forecast and carbon dioxide forecast.

The combination of these resources allows us to gain critical insights into the environmental conditions that directly affect algae cultivation and to identify the most suitable locations for our algae production, ensuring optimal conditions for their cultivation. These data sources play a key role in our approach to tackle climate change and promote sustainable energy production.

⛑️ Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

By directly addressing the 1st Challenge (development of sustainable infrastructures through renewable energy forecast), all-g contributes to solving the problems faced in international development and humanitarian aid.

Considering the need to forecast energy production for new technologies and facing a lack of renewable energy sources, our main concern and priority is to use satellite data to identify areas with high levels of CO2 and perfect factors to grow algae in those areas thus causing the reduction in CO2 concentration percentage. It is worth mentioning that the all-g project is also improving the circulate economy in the region and reducing forced migration.

Even though we stand by the direct approach to the 1º challenge, our idea indirectly addresses all the other challenges making it the best solution for the planet by using an algae bed for irrigation that also has the extra benefit of using its biomass in different ways like biofertilizers (for soil improvement) which in this way addresses the 2º challenge (strengthening food security & access to clean water) and also by impacting climate change and perhaps  lowering the chance of natural disasters occurring thus, indirectly affecting forced migration touching the 3º challenge (understanding and forecasting forced migration).

🤼 Team

Originating from very diverse backgrounds and geographical origins, the group came together through the FEUP’s master program, MIET.

Luís- Industrial Engineering and Management/ CEO 

With a bachelor’s degree in industrial management, Luis excels in the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His educational background combined with his communication and decision-making skills, proves that the position was well earned. His empathy makes him a great leader, being approachable and fair when it comes to dealing with his people.

Diogo- Management/ CFO 

Being an accomplished and dedicated professional with a bachelor’s degree in business management, our CFO has a strong foundation in business operations and financial knowledge.

Diogo has all the traits needed to manage all the financial parts of the company.

Miguel-Psychology / Marketing 

With previous experience in his bachelor's degree in Psychology, Miguel has a good understanding of human behavior and cognition, which can provide valuable insights for consumer behavior analysis and effective marketing strategies.

Aida- Biotech / Researcher 

Reinforced by her academic background, Aida conducts rigorous and innovative research driving advancements in biotechnology. With a passion for exploring new frontiers in biotech, our researcher brings valuable insights to the company's scientific ventures.

Carolina- Hotel Management / UI & UX 

With her hard-working attitude and bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management, Carolina uses her experience in the hospitality industry to lead marketing strategies, enhance the brand visibility, and drive growth for our company. Even though she loves the hospitality industry, design was the perfect call for her. From her creative mind to her strong-willed attitude, she was meant to be in this position.

Sofia- IT / CTO 

A highly skilled IT hacker with a bachelor’s degree in informatic engineering. Her strong mathematical background and extensive experience in IT management makes her an ideal choice to lead our company's technology initiatives.

Panajot – Biotechnologist 

With an accomplished candidate with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology and a unique blend of experience in both biotech and sales, this individual brings a valuable perspective to the role of biotechnologist within our company. With a versatile skill set, Panajot is well-prepared to gives the team the insight to the biotech area, bridging the gap between scientific innovation and market application.