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Blue Sentinel

Empower food security justice in vulnerable communities by providing verified illegal fishing insights

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  • Germany


  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



Why are we here?

Marine ecosystems and global food security are under direct threat from illicit and unsustainable fishing practices, notably bottom trawling. These actions compromise the very foundation of fisheries that numerous communities rely upon for sustenance.


We develop a comprehensive monitoring tool to identify dark vessels,  collect evidence of illegal activities, and analyze risk levels.

🛰 EU Space Technologies

We apply AIS data overlaying with satellite and SAR images to:

  1. Select AOI (area of interest), in our case = Marine Protected Areas;
  2. Count the vessels within MPA (Marine Protected Areas);
  3. Identify dark vessels by comparing against AIS data;
  4. Insights on suspicious activities and assess risk level;

🐟 Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

 We solve challenge #2: Strengthening food security & access to clean water, with a special focus on catching illegal unreported, and unregulated fishing activities.

🤼 Team

Colin Moldenhauer

Colin studies Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology at TUM and is passionate about applications of remote sensing data to real world problems.

Jhorman Pérez

Jhorman is the team lead of team Blue Sentinel, providing his expertise in tech entrepreneurship creating robotics and AI solutions for applications including environmental protection -wildfire mitigation.

Julius Hege

Julius is a master’s student at LMU Munich’s Bavarian AI Chair for Mathematical Foundations of AI and partly funded by the Konrad Zuse School of Excellence in Reliable AI. His research has focused on applying neural operators to 3D computer vision and sparse representation for AI. 

Luca Rigon

Luca is a ESPACE master student at TUM and specializes in Remote Sensing and Earth Observation. He is very passionate about analyzing spatial data in combination with state of the art technologies like deep learning, in the hope of making some impactful work on a humanitarian level.

Maresa Fees

Maresa is an electrical engineering student at TUM. She is interested in working on data-driven solutions for challenges that have an impact on our daily lives and shape our future in a positive way.

Chang Han

As a facilitator of the team, Chang Han is experienced  in digital product design, focusing on producing MVP for early stage startups and organisations. 

Dr. Andrés Camero

Our expert support Dr. Andrés Camero co-leads the Department EO Data Science at the  German Aerospace Center DLR. He has 10+ years of academic and professional experience and is among other things interested in the application of AI to earth observation.