Possible ways of forecasting forced migration

With the help of satellite data, track the change of climate and natural resources to forecast possible forced migration and prevent it or prepare for it

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  • 3. Understanding and forecasting forced migration


My goal here is to find a team and dive into the idea of forecasting migration before it happens. I dove into this topic in my bachelor thesis, where I was searching for climate migration as a phenomenon occurring in the Lake Chad basin, where climate change has impacted the region so much, that it has an occurring crisis that stretches from poverty to a conflict that uses the lack of natural resources around the area. This is one of the areas that should be researched further to understand how we can tackle wicked problems happening around us. Climate migration is one of the upcoming branches that will rise in the forced migration topic, so forecasting can be used, to prevent possible climate catastrophes or prepare for possible forced migration waves from regions that can be affected by such phenomena rising. 

This is where your expertise comes in. I am eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about tackling these wicked problems head-on. Your unique perspective and skills could be the missing piece of the puzzle, helping us redefine how we address climate-induced migration and its consequences.

I would be open to see any suggestions from possible teammates of where this idea can be shifted or looking into the phenomena itself. Tracks of forced migration by climate change in the region are usually hard to come by because most of the refugees can be seen as refugees of war or conflict, it is still a gray zone in the refugee law regarding climate migration. 

The topic of The Lake Chad crisis can be also used to have a deeper understanding, of how the control of decaying resources can be used in a bad way. In this case to deepen control of the region and waging war. It can be analyzed, to understand how to prevent this from happening and how sustainability can become a key pillar of ensuring safety in the region.