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Oil trap dimensioning

Use given data to find any correlation between traffic load and oil spillage. Use the data to dimension more accurate oil traps for parking places.

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  • Estonia


  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water
  • 1. Supporting sustainable infrastructure development



Use given data to find any correlation between oil spillage and traffic load. Do research on the correlation for different indicators to work out new dimensioning rule for oil traps. 

The neccessity to use oil traps is to not let oil spillage go to natural water bodies. 

This kind of research will improve infrastructure - the modelling and designing of parking places will change to more nature friendly.

Huge parking places also have problems with stormwater runoff - the dimensions of the pipes are designed with old data. Designing with old data leads to very often reconstruction - waste of material and resources. Infrastructure has to be designed with backup - taken into consideration climate change and heavy intensify in precipitation. The problem is very connected to the data we have to work through - having the chance to combine them would give us a chance to make bigger impact!