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CREATiVITY will allow displaced individuals to use EO data to capture the imagination of individuals and allow them construct a sense of purpose and meaningful impact

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



CREATiVITY [Create with Vitality] is a humanitarian project which will allow displaced individuals to connect with Earth Observation data as a source of raw material to exercise the individual creativity and create their own sense of purpose.

Humanitarian initiatives mostly start with safety, food and shelter, CREATiVITY will then open opportunities for individuals to engage with rewarding activities that engages ambition while nurturing mental wellness and a sense of relative well being. This sense of purpose through active engagement with food and water systems solutions will allow individuals to access and engage with earth observation and remote sensing data systems that can offer the foundation of sensible and sustainable solutions. 

CREATiVITY will allow disrupted and/or displaced individuals to "scan the horizon" using EO as a source of credible data from science to access their own potential for a solution. This bottom up approach will combine local knowledge and the science of earth observation to refine, review and represent a suggested solution to food security and water systems sustainability. 

Physical Displacement is a shattering experience with the loss of physical assets, income and a sense of purpose, which can result in mental health challenges. The opportunity to be part of rebuilding and reenergising a food and water system, will also reenergise the people, offering an opportunity to CREATE VITALITY.

The CREATiVITY system and associated architecture will convert individual creativity and ambition into useful and useable tools for agriculture, water and predictive movement of people