Our project was born from the need to know how healthy the food we consume every day is. We have developed a program capable of comparing different satellite data regarding the atmosphere, climate, soil and water of the fields where the products we buy are grown. In this way it is possible to quantify the health of the crop.


We used the sentinel 3 - OLCI (DMP, FAPAR, FCover, LAI), sentinel 1 - C-SAR (Soil Water Index, SSM) and the sentinel 5P - TROPIMI data (NO2, CH4, NDVI, CO2). This data will help the buyer know how healty is the food he is buying


We believe that this project can be a triple investment as it is aimed at:

  • the farmer can search for a field in a safe area surrounded by a clean water system, fertile soil and a clean air or he can quantify the quality of the land he already owns,
  • the large-scale distribution (GDO) finds a reliable and precise tool, thanks to satellite data, which guarantees to verify the quality of the product it decides to put on the market,
  • the small shopper with a simple QR while shopping has the opportunity to buy the healthiest product on the shelves simply while comparing the quality of the land on which the products were grown.


MARCO PECORARO: economy student based in Piemonte ([email protected])

RICCARDO GIUSEPPE GUALIUMI: computer science student based in Piemonte

SARA DE GIGLIO: biomolecurar biology student based in Lombardia ([email protected])

FRANCESCO LAVOPA: aerospace system engineer student based in Puglia ([email protected])