💎 Idea


The lack of remotely and easily accessible information about your forests visible changes.

This problem faces everyone, that owns forests of any size, and struggles to check on the property every once in a while. It includes huge companies such as IKEA, private customers, and also the government.

Possible risks: 

   * Natural disasters such as wildfires, floods, and hurricanes. 

   * Human-caused damage such as illegal logging. 

Forest area EU 159 M. ha:

   * Private-owned forests EU - 28% / 45 M. ha

   * Public forests EU - 72% / 114 M. ha


By collecting data from EU satellites we can alert clients if changes on their property occur. Also, the damaged area can be measured from a satellite picture. That saves time and manpower (going to take measures on the spot).

🛰️ EU space technologies

We will be using satellite pictures, to see the changes in forests. Collecting this data will also provide us with a better prediction for possible future, natural disasters.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

Innovating financial tools and technologies. 

Our tool is intended to quickly inform customers about the damage done to their property - forest. It will also help governments to collect information about the damage that occurred in forests.

🤼 Team

Tell us who is in your team, what role they have (e.g. coder/designer), and a 1-2 sentence bio.

Our team is Finance master's degree students, with different backgrounds. 

Erika - Finance specialist, mathematician. Currently is working in the animal vet industry. This projects Spokesperson, and idea presenter.

Ugnė - Creative industries bachelor's degree. Chief commercial officer in a company working with sports and leisure equipment. Working with the division of team work.

Algirdas - Information finance system specialist. Currently is working in the logistics industry with accounting and automation. Analyses data for saving to forestry.

Greta - Law bachelor's and master's degrees. Currently studying Finance. Working full-time as a lawyer. Analyses data for this project.