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We are building solutions for future problems

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  • 2. Strengthening food security & access to clean water



💎 Idea

BugBit: Providing better decisions for a healthier forest.

BugBit is a risk analysis platform for insurance companies. Based on satellite images insurance companies can empower land owners by providing prediction, early recognition, and alerting of bark beetle outbreaks.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We evaluated the ability of spectral vegetation indices extracted from Sentinel-2 imagery to map bark beetle attacks. By observing several spectral vegetation indices (SVIs) calculated from Sentinel-2 we are able to discriminate healthy from infested spruce.

EO technology enabled us to develop a scalable solution that will provide faster outbreak detection compared to traditional methods, potentially saving billions of dollars in needlessly wasted timber, and also saving several Mega tonnes of sequestered Co2 in the process.

Imagery data was gathered from the Sentinel Hub platform (Sinergise). 

🏦 Space for the Financial World

Our solution primarily fits the 2nd challenge of the Cassini Hackathon: Innovating financial tools and technologies, however, it also heavily touches on the green and sustainable future we want to build for ourselves. 

Our platform will provide new opportunities for insurance companies to engage with forest and land owners, by providing prediction, early recognition, and alerting of bark beetle outbreaks. 

The platform will be based on the synergetic effect between land owners and insurance companies. By providing smart preventive measures to the landowners, they will be incentivized to proactively manage their forests. By collaborating in the program, landowners will manage forest health better and will be indirectly contributing to the reduction of damage claims.  

🤼 Team

We are a diverse team of experienced individuals ready to take on interesting challenges and think creatively to bring big ideas to life.

Blaž Jakopin - Startup founder and product manager of digital solutions. Experience in sporttech & fintech.

Klemen Lovenjak - Software Engineer with geospatial background, 5 years of experience.

Matic Kuselj - Business developer with 6 years of global experience in different segments (Fitness, Consumer electronics, SAAS).

Lucija Mohorko - UI/UX Designer with a background in finance.

Jaša Dimič - Data Scientist with a mathematical and research background.

Primož Jozič - Masters in physics, research based on numerical simulations.

Žiga Vene - Software developer specialised in backend applications with a strong background in mathematics and game development.