💎 Idea

Macro-farms are one of the main controversial topics in society, being one of the principal air polluters without strict regulations. Currently, monitoring methods are not accurate enough to establish a proper legal regulation to farms air emissions, so it becomes a big challenge to continuously monitor macro-farms pollution.

As a solution, we propose a service to produce reports and official certifications of emissions using CAMS measurements. These reports will contain both emissions data and proposals to reduce farm-related pollution (following the guidelines set by the Spanish Agriculture Ministry).

🛰️ EU space technologies

We use CAMS service to obtain data regarding the different pollutants we are monitoring. The obtained data are plotted on a heat map and are included as part of the report of the gases emitted.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

The proyect aims to help both local organizations who are interested in fraud detection and Macro-Farm owners who want to follow the “Common Agricultural Policy” (CAP)  of the European Union. Thus, farmers for environmentally friendly farming will receive monetary support from the CAP funds.

To this end, we will cover 1st challenge, Enabling green and sustainable investments, and the 2nd one, Innovating financial tools and technologies

  1. Enabling green and sustainable investments
  2. Enabling green and sustainable investments

🤼 Team

Alejandro Trenado (coder and designer)

Carmen Álvarez (writer and designer)

Federico Lozano (writer and designer) 

Francisco Muro (coder) 

José Pulido (Ideation person and designer) 

Juan Antonio Pedreira (coder and designer) 

María Álvarez (writer and designer) 

Telecommunication Engineering Master Students at the University of Málaga