💎 Idea

The global warming and climate cataclysm provide challenges to feed the population and challenges for sustainable farming. Insurance practices are not common across the EU. By leveraging the satellite data and forecasts, we will create a platform connecting farmers, insurance companies and governments to help in assessing the risk of farming and provide suitable insurance protection and subsidies. The farmers will be encouraged by using mobile application to mitigate discovered risks, working with their local representatives.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We will use the forecast data from Copernicus and the Galileo positioning data.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

We will focus on solving the challenges regarding insurance, future sustainable development in farming and smarter investments, and sustainable grants by the EU government.

🤼 Team

  • Aleksandar Vladimirov  - Masters in Telecommunication Engineering,  Project manager and Full stack  software developer - CEO 
  • Konstantin Khokhlov -  Computer Vision Engineer
  • Volha Rakava  - Remote Sensors Expert
  • Matyáš Nowak  - Designer and Video Editor