💎 Idea

FIN_LOOK is a software platform to obtain factual data for financial sector.  
Our platforms allows to collect data about business assets (farming land, real estate, factories, mines, etc) and use it to enhance banks' credit scoring mechanisms for B2B clients. 

🛰️ EU space technologies

Copernicus data provides us with all necessary data sets to extract data about assets around the globe.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

Banks provide loans and invest in businesses. Usually, banks make their decision based on financial data. In the meantime, factual data about assets that business is going to operate or acquire is out of focus. We extract facts about assets and integrate them into credit scoring models.

🤼 Team

Dmytro Bilash - business lead
Dmytro Pleshakov - tech lead
Maria Kokshaikina - data scientist