💎 Idea

Insurance is an elementary component of social and economic activity. The coverage of risks is based on the evaluation of countless data. Accordingly, data is of immense importance.

However, in daily practice, outdated or inaccurate data is often used to consider risks.

This leads to an inaccurate and often inadequate coverage of risks or, in the event of a loss, to an inaccurate calculation of damages.

With up-to-date satellite data, we solve this dilemma for the insurance companies themselves and also for the insured parties, as this allows for better asset protection.

So we face the problem of unprecise data.

--> In the event of an impending severe weather event (storm, flood, hail,...) we will not be able to warn our customers and predict the claim/ loss.


1. we want to decipt our customers buildings as a surface and clearly.

2. we want to represent the severe weather events as a dynamic surface

3. we want to match the 1. and 2. points


1. precise customer warnings

2. better prediction of claims and loss

3. safe money and help people and insurers

🛰️ EU space technologies

SENTINEL 1 & SENTINEL 2 and other preprocessed remote sensing data/products, OSM; DGMs;

🏦 Space for the Financial World

We are solving challenge 2 in optimizing the usage of data for insurance management through satellite data.

🤼 Team

We are a team of insurance experts working for R+V insurance concern.

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