💎 Idea

In 2024, EU companies must start providing a CSRD report (proposed EU legislation to implement ESRS). Companies will need to collect and self-report environmental data. Existing solutions for CSRD reporting already exist, but none utilize satellite data provided by space-technology. Space data can drastically improve these reports thanks to the following:
- Providing objective data.
      - Conventionally companies rely on self-reporting which is biased and untrustworthy
- Providing global data obtained in an affordable way (instead of using expensive local solutions)
- Providing real-time monitoring of facilities for a given company to


We will provide a data-driven platform for collecting and reporting faithful and comparable environmental data using satellite technology. This data will enable companies to make data-driven decisions for improving their enviromental impact. This platform will eventually combine a multitude of metrics. In this hackathon we focused on GHG emissions.  We will facilitate the following solutions:

- Insights from global data Measuring atmosphere globally thanks to satellites
- Red-flag system Finding outliers in supply chain as a first warning steps
- Compare tool Comparison across multiple companies in the same industrial sector
- Supply chain self-report verification Verifing self-reports from contractors

Bussiness Model

Our market is huge. In the first phase alone over 50,000 companies will be required to provide CSRD reports. Space data can be utilized to provide this data at a very low cost.

🛰️ EU space technologies

We are producing maps and time-series that model relevant CSRD metrics. Using data from Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-5P satellites.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

We are enabling green and sustainable investments by promoting company transparency, either as a tool in a company's risk-management strategy, or in audits.

🤼 Team

Ondřej Baštař - Chief Strategist

Hacker, student, problem-solver and a European concerned about the environment.

Viktorie Valdmanová - Technical Solutions Expert

CS student at FEE CTU, currently working as software engineer at COMTES FHT.

Matyáš Sochor - Chief Brand Officer

More than 20 projects for companies such as Jägermeister, ČEZ, in the roles of digital product designer and lead designer. 

Jakub Strnad - Data Scientist

A student at CTU Prague and a data science professional at Argos Multilingual.