💎 Idea

Tell us about your idea here. Explain the problem and how you're going to solve it.

ATM commission fee or service fee is huge in Peru and Egypt and poor countries. Egypt charges 10% commission fee. Peru charges 18%. That is robbery for me.  

People are still using cash. 

I lost all my bank cards, Wise cards, and passports in Peru and cannot pay. I need a vending machine also ATM uses my identity to pay and cash out. 

Internet is extremely slow and expensive outside of Europe, especially when big wind, fire, flood. I need the machine as internet too. 

Vegan food is extremely rare and about three times more expensive than Switzerland in Peru, that is too crazy. 

Global vegan restaurants are shutting down, even if they stay, about three times more expensive than normal food. I cannot afford that. 

🛰️ EU space technologies

Highlight the data, information or signals you are using/intend to use in your idea. Include some information on how this brings value to your idea


🏦 Space for the Financial World

Which of the 3 challenges are you solving, and how does this contribute to solving the problems faced in finance, insurance and investments?


🤼 Team

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