BLITS is a ESG-Compliance Assessment Platform, based on space data.

The solution we propose is to provide end customers such as companies or banks with an ESG dashboards and reports on the environmental situation of the company.

Thanks to the data provided by Copernicus through the use of satellites, it is possible to obtain detailed information regarding the environmental impact of individual production plants through the study of air and earth pollution.

We will obtain from the data analysis an index created by us that will summarize the company's performance.

One of the key elements is the possibility for our users to have access to the daily updated data to monitor their investments or the performance of a particular company.

This has a twofold advantage.

Thanks to our solution, companies can receive green certifications that certifies their exact situation through third-party and publicly accessible data.

For banks, on the other hand, this tool could be used to present potential investors the actual market situation to invest in green bonds.

Nowadays sustainalytics costs are around $10,000/year per company.

The data provided in these reports is in most cases data provided by the company itself that needs to be processed by experts.

Generating the report is therefore a long and expensive process.

Compared to other tools that already exist on the market, the solution we propose has real-time data and systems that can generate reports in minutes through the use of algorithms.

This would allow users to have complete monitoring and data at their disposal to analyse trends over time.