💎 Idea

With the recent geopolitical developments in Europe, the continent is seeking to optimise the management of its clean energy production and distribution. The idea proposed is to use satellite imagery data of the European continent to develop a possible solar panel community grid between residents and business within a local area. With earth observation data, energy regulators and producers can be informed of possible areas to install solar panels within cities and reduce the dependency in environmentally harmful energies. This can be used to increase the efficiency and independence of the energy within communities, and reduce carbon emissions.

🛰️ EU space technologies

Earth Observation through the Copernicus Database will be used to analyse residential and business areas to optimise installation for community grids.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

Our project aims to propose an opportunity for safe green investments in accordance with the 2030 Agenda and the EU Solar Strategy.

🤼 Team

Carla Tamai - Aerospace Engineering

Darren Berlein - Architecture and Urbanism

David Serrano - Mechanical Engineering

Diego Greenhalgh - Operations and Public Policy Analyst

Lisa Kucher - Space Law and Business analytics

Miraslava Kazlouskaya - Space Law and Policy

Mustafa Shahid - Launch Vehicle Engineer