💎 Idea

We are here to tell you the real impact companies are having over the environment. Claims of decreasing pollution or having net zero environmental impact can be confirmed or falsified using our technology. No production facility can hide from satellites. Moreover, the scope of our technology extends beyond this for sure...

🛰️ EU space technologies

The first of the many components we monitor are NO2 Values at the production locations of corporates. These gases are a by-product of any combustion of fossil fuels and are therefore also a component of the exhaust gases. The data is aggregated by a novel scalable framework of satellite data collection and processing. The Sentinel 5P program from Copernicus serves as our data source for NO2.

🚀 Future Scope

We plan to majorly extend the scope of our approach by including polluters of any size around the globe in the near future. On top of that we plan on increasing the monitored varibles by including further satellite data - other effluents, land waste, water contamination, ground water levels etc.)

🏦 Space for the Financial World

We are going for the third challenge, advancing global financial intelligence. Implications are manyfold, improving ESG-Risk assessments for Banks and Investors, helping governments to enforce regulation or supporting NGOs in collecting and analyzing data that corporates cannot hide from.

🤼 Team

We are a bunch of data scientists sharing common interests in space and sustainable finance based technologies.