💎 Idea

We want to build a trustworthy CO2 offset service that allows consumers to judge the impact of carbon offset measures during and after the checkout procedure.

Link to prototype video:
Impact Monitor

🛰️ EU space technologies

We would like to apply satellite imageries captured by the ESA to validate profiles of offset providers. For example at the MVP stage we focus on offsetting emission through re-forestation. By observing the environmental change and vegetation type of and designated area we can validate wether it is suitable to be sold to emitters and eventually to consumers for their offset pass.

The next step would be monitoring the environmental impact of the designate area by analysing canopy height, green coverage so then we can quantify CO2 offset.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

We are solving the challenge of enabling green and sustainable investment, by offering easy access, low transaction cost, and most importantly, transparent monitoring interface.

🤼 Team

Martin Raasch, entrepreneur, crisis manager, scrum coach;
Peic Wu, software engineer;
Chang Han, product designer