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Opportunities for climate positive change

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💎 Idea

I.Green - opportunities for climate-positive change

With our platform, we harness the power of earth observation, AI and other data sources to identify areas where sustainable projects have the greatest impact. 

🛰️ EU space technologies

  • Sentinel 1 & 2 (object detection, change detection, etc.)

  • Copernicus High Resolution Layers (LULC classification and verification)

  • Elevation maps (asset exposure, access, etc)

  • Openstreemap (labels)

  • Weather & climate data (impact on asset)

  • Governmental and institutional data.

  • etc.

🏦 Space for the Financial World

Which of the 3 challenges are you solving, and how does this contribute to solving the problems faced in finance, insurance and investments?

Challenge #1 Enabling green and sustainable investments

Green bonds are fixed-income bonds issued to fund projects with a net positive impact on the environment and climate change. The Europen Union to become the biggest green bond emmitent, while establishing one of the most comprehensive reporting guidelines - the EU taxonomy. Further, the market of green bonds reached a size of $ 2 trillion with a growth rate of 50% any yet, cannot keep up with demand.

At the same time 500 ESG rankings, more than 100 ESG awards, and 120 voluntary ESG disclosure standards are estimated to be used in the market in 2019. Researchers found that ESG scores across and on average do not correlate (R² ~ 0.5). 

This indicates a gap between reporting standards, scores assigned, and reported data (mostly self-reported), and underpins the need of an independent, EO-based approach, which - per design - identifies options for impact projects → i.Green

🤼 Team

Phillip - Expert in finance [EX: 10yrs]

Myself, Data scientist and spacepreneur [EX: 8 yrs]

Martin - Solution architect [EX: 20 yrs]