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cross-terrain mobility for rescue missions.

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  • 1. Enabling cross-terrain mobility



In case of any kind of catastrophe:

  • Military conflict

  • Flood

  • Storm

  • Earthquake

  • Landslide etc

there is no information how to build routes in order to rescue people, environment and protect infrastructure

Build routes or/and show not accessible areas for:

- Logistics 

- Fire department 

- Resque services 

- Forest services

To rescue people, environment and protect infrastructure


Data monitoring and analysis:

In case we got information about dangerous situation we do the following:

Step 1:

Extract and combine the following data to check if the area is accessible:

  • satellite data

  • soil data

  • weather

  • characteristics of the transport and equipment we can use for emergency situation 

Step 2:

Base on the data provided on the Step 1 we send drone if needed to provide additional data based on the previous conclusions

In case of earthquake we send drones to the area and build routes based on the comparison of the old and new data

Alternative usage ideas:

  • Military defence: track possible ways to cross the border from other countries, send drone in case the dangerous is high

  • Monitor border to provide information about the most possible way of illegal cross of the border. Then we send drones to monitor this area

  • Agriculture: to provide information which type of the equipment can be used in this location currently