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Green hydrogen stations

We provide sustainable and reliable energy resource production and delivery to military bases during any kind of military actions, while other resources may be sabotaged.

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  • 3. Protecting our critical infrastructure





Every military base needs a reliable and effective energy source to successfully carry out any kind of military operations. But there is a problem, which is that energy is usually transferred through high voltage electrical cables which can be easily sabotaged. As well as diesel powered engines that require fuel delivery, which tends to be logistically and infrastructurally complex. Military bases need secure, sustainable and reliable energy source that can be produced, delivered and used effectively, quickly and safely. 


Hydrogen production and storing station at wind and solar farms. We use renewable energy source to produce hydrogen, which can be used as an energy source for military bases and performing a large number of different military activities. Stations are located in different strategic locations around the country so it won't take long to deliver hydrogen to specific bases. Hydrogen technologies are developing rapidly and in the near future almost every single vehicle and technology will run on hydrogen fuel, because using hydrogen technologies over already used heavy lithium batteries and loud diesel engines, can solve a few problems and gain major advantages over the opposition.