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Safe Sea Guardian

Enhancing maritime security & protecting marine ecosystems with AIS data, MPA info, and European space data. Real-time monitoring, eco-conscious routing & threat detection.

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  • 2. Making the seas more secure



The problem: The maritime industry faces significant challenges, including piracy, armed robbery, organized crime, and environmental crime. These threats put vessels, crew members, and marine ecosystems at risk. Additionally, illegal activities like fishing, dumping, and dredging are causing irreversible damage to marine habitats. There is a pressing need for improved maritime intelligence and surveillance to ensure the security and sustainability of our seas.

Our solution: We will develop SafeSeaGuardian, an innovative platform that will strengthen maritime security and protect marine ecosystems by leveraging real-time Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, information on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and European space data and services from Copernicus, Galileo & EGNOS.

SafeSeaGuardian will process AIS data to monitor vessel positions, speeds, and courses, while incorporating MPA data to identify environmentally sensitive zones. This comprehensive approach will enable vessel operators, authorities, and stakeholders to effectively monitor maritime traffic, detect and track illegal maritime activities, and ensure compliance with MPA regulations.

Moreover, SafeSeaGuardian will offer proactive route planning that guides vessels around MPAs and other restricted areas, considering security threats and illegal activities. This environmentally-conscious routing will minimize disruptions to marine ecosystems and ensure the safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

By providing maritime stakeholders with powerful tools and insights, SafeSeaGuardian will address the EU's security challenges and foster a more secure and environmentally responsible maritime industry.