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Analog Darkness

Terrain Traversability Assessment Based on AI and Remote Sensing​

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  • 1. Enabling cross-terrain mobility



Sudden crises and emergencies are unpredictable but inevitable. Preparedness is key, even when unexpected events seem unlikely. Leveraging technologies can reduce the impact of disasters

There are numerous sources for remote sensing, but only having data is not enough. The process of retrieving the data is hard, resource-intensive and in different formats.

That's why we are combining those sources into a flexible and user-friendly online platform as a service while also allowing users to incorporate their own data and algorithms.

As a proof of concept during the weekend we developed an algorithm using machine learning techniques that combines data from Sentinel-2 L2A, Sentinel-2 L1C, EEA-10 (DEM) and Sentinel-2 L2A to detect features such as road conditions, terrain slope, vegetation, rivers into a map that shows which zones can be passed by land vehicles. 

The map could be used by other services that find optimal routes in cases of disaster response, refugee situations or defence purposes.