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Reliable Movement Plotting

RMP: концепция за усъвършенствана система за навигиране върху сложен терен в ЕС. Използването на сателитни технологии може да предотврати срещането на затруднения в придвижването от т. А до т. Б.

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  • 1. Enabling cross-terrain mobility



Тhe concept for an advanced navigation system on complex terrain in the EU. The use of satellite technology can prevent difficulties in getting from point A to point B.

Problem is

The problem is that this is a rather slow process if we stick to the methods known so far

nowadays it is very important to be able to provide security for the movement.

Our solution is through the creation of software based on artificial intelligence that immediately collects, processes, and analyzes information from many satellites and programs. We will use Copernicus and galileo and etc.

Our team 

Nikolai Donkov- Captain and motivation maneger

Petar Tenev- Graphic Designer and magic mind

Yordan Kirilov- The critical thinker