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Forest Defender

Protect forests against illegal or excessive deforestation.

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  • Romania


  • 3. Protecting our critical infrastructure



💎 Idea

Our main goal is to address the issue of the increasing percentage of deforestation in Romania and even in Europe. We believe that by detecting deforestation early, correlating it with data held by designated organizations responsible for solving these issues in the field, and labeling deforestation as legal or illegal, we can make progress in improving the situation.

🛰️ EU space technologies

As part of our training, we have used a dataset from the paper linked in the presentations, which contains images from the Amazonian rain forest, taken by Sentinel 2.

🏦 Space for Defence & Security

- Identify areas that have undergone deforestation

- Make the data available to the public in a simple user interface

-Monitor deforestation over time and alert authorities when new areas are detected

🤼 Team

Razvan Milicin - Machine Learning Engineer working for Tyles with a background in Electronic Engineering

Filip Apavaloaie - Project manager working in renewable energy working for Centroplan

Andrei Cunesteanu - Machine Learning Engineer working for Mafic with a background in Electronic Engineering

Dan Iulian Santa - Physician, Researcher  Elpida Research INC,  Master Biotechnology  VMP Grant Winner ASCO  Atlanta USA, 2021