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Uxo identifier from space. The project is about incorporating A.I. with earth observation imagery in order to determine the possible UXO threat in a given region.

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The basic idea is that, after a conflict, regional or else, there are certainly some amount of remnants of war, like unexploded explosive devices ( UXO). So, with incorporating space imagery, and earth observation satellite images, we can analyse and predict what kind of UXOs can be or might be found in a specific area, based on the pit left after a successful explosion of a certain kind of artillery shell, bomb etc.

We use A.I. with a database consisting of numerous amount of UXO data, which can be cross-referenced with the parameteres of the pits in a certain area left by the explosions, and derived from that data, we can predict which explosive ordenances might be found there; which can contribute to the force protection of potential peace keepers, or local forces who might be conducting the clearance of the given areas.