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  • 1. Enabling cross-terrain mobility



Military Dynamic Route Planning

 Maximum efficiency and safe logistics are crucial in today's military operations. To maximize a unit's safety, we must consider factors like their movement capabilities and war events.

 Our solution provides an A* algorithm implementation that takes into account factors such as soil, the unit's movement handicaps and danger zones to provide accurate and reliable real-time information. Units can draw polygons on the map to indicate danger zones, no-go zones etc. The polygons are also read and used to calculate the best route and displayed to other units in real-time. Overall, the app provides a useful tool for military operations to improve safety and efficiency.


  • Data is retrieved using mundi from Sentinel 2 L2A satellite
  • Path finding is done using python pathfinder library with shapely to enable polygon support
  • Front-end is made with React and Leaflet, for map solution open street map is used

LINK to A*:

The business model for the Military Dynamic Route Planning solution is based on a one year subscription that costs  50'000 euros, which covers the deployment of the A* algorithm and the development of the app. The app will be marketed to 5 EU countries, and the military units can use for daily outside activities.

The estimated revenue for the product is 250'000 euros.  That would allow the company to implement new upgrades and further market reach.

To promote the product, the company can participate in military exhibitions and conferences, advertise in military publications, and offer demonstrations to military units. The company can also leverage social media and online platforms to reach potential customers and create brand awareness.

Overall, the Military Dynamic Route Planning solution provides a valuable tool for military operations to improve safety and efficiency. With a sound business model, the product can generate significant revenue and create a positive impact on military operations.