💎Automatic Identification System (AIS) is an automatic tracking system that broadcasts position and status information via VHF radio waves to aid vessel navigation and improve safety. However, it is at risk of malicious activity, such as deliberately switching off the connection, falsifying information, and false alarms of collision and rescue requests.

🛳️ We propose an AI-based Information Fusion for Vessel Tracking and Illegal Maritime Activity Detection called FushipTrack. It is composed of two data sources, which are used for AIS validation and illegal ship tracking using data fusion, ship crowdsourcing, and machine learning.

🛰️ The first dataset we use is the SAR satellite. We use a ship detection algorithm to detect and localize the ships shown in the SAR image. This provides large-scale monitoring of the ships in the target area.

  The second dataset we use is the data collected from onboard sensors, such as radar and cameras, which have a high frequency. We use a machine learning algorithm to extract the visual features of the nearby ships for identification and tracking.

🏦 Our business model focuses on the public sector, mainly the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and their project platform with opportunities to grow within their systems.

🤼 Finally, our team is formed by members from two nationalities, various backgrounds in technology, the marine industry, and business, and two cats :) Thanks