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We propose a service consists of fraternal twin AI systems - HERO & VILLAIN. VILLAIN learns and attacks the framework while HERO defends. The goal is to have a perfect HERO inside onboard ships.

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The maritime industry is facing an increasing number of cyber security threats, including piracy, system failures, and cyber attacks. These threats not only endanger the safety of ships and their crew but also disrupt the flow of global trade and commerce. In response, our service offers a comprehensive solution through the use of fraternal twin AI systems - HERO and VILLAIN.

Importance of Cyber Security in the Maritime Industry:

Cyber attacks in the maritime industry can have severe consequences, including the loss of valuable cargo, damage to the ship and crew, and potential environmental disasters. With cyber attacks becoming more common and sophisticated, it is essential for shipping companies to invest in comprehensive cyber security solutions to protect their assets and ensure the safe and efficient transportation of goods across the world.

Unique Features of Our AI Systems:

Our service offers a comprehensive solution to maritime cyber security threats through the use of fraternal twin AI systems - HERO and VILLAIN specifically designed for the maritime industry. HERO defends the ship's technological framework against attacks while VILLAIN simulates and creates perfect attacks for HERO to learn from. By using simulations and real ship data, along with data from Galileo & Copernicus, we are able to create an improved and futuristic cyber protector for onboard ships - THE HERO.

Our service equips ships with the latest defense mechanisms and communication systems, ensuring proper monitoring and mapping of security threats in the sea. We provide consultation for better cyber security for shipping companies, and onboard ships with the best cyber security system possible, assisting the ships' captain or autopilot for a more efficient and safe journey.

Vision for the Future:

We envision our AI systems evolving over time to stay ahead of emerging cyber threats. We are open to partnering with other stakeholders in the maritime industry, such as shipping companies, ports, and regulatory bodies, to create a more secure and resilient ecosystem. Our goal is to become the go-to solution for comprehensive cyber security in the maritime industry.