💎 Idea
Create full pleaged app which will enable off road  navigation by using satelite photos supported by open source service, to search and lead the most optimalised off-road routing way for rough terrain mission planning. By obtaining satelite data about vegetation, moisture, all kind of water reservoirs compared to other open sources which gave information about elevation levels, weather conditions and if it is needed - streets. All of this data will be processed to calculate a difficultness of aproach for certain areas of terrains, and thanks to that plot a route which will be most fitted for particular mission group (amphibious vehicles, allterrain cars or heavy transport vehicles). That's is why project X-Terra want to gave an idea and first impresion of solution which can be use by a various assets like humanitarian convoys, firefighters emergency forces, forest protection and supervision service and even also can find helpful for military use cases.

🛰️ EU space technologies

X-TERRA use various Sentinel 2 layers system to find the most important data about terraint to be traveled.

  • SCL

Other Source services

  • mundi
  • Openstreetmap
  • EUDEM v1 - Copernicus Land Monitoring System
  • Open weather map 

🏦 Space for Defence & Security

Sentinels sattelite constelation revisit particular area in 5 days interval - which mostly gave up to date information about geografic situation - and even with a support of other sources (weather forecast, prolonged data collection) can enable prediction of situation when data is unsufficent (Cloud issuses). Thank to that we can establish a reliable source of information about changing state of offroad terrain.

🤼 Team

Jakub Grzesiak - speaker, coder

Sebastian Szymański - coder, algorithm specialist, problem solver

Sebastian Brzuzek - coder, mentor, senior level project menager and aplication architect

Igor Mielczarek - coder, image processing, data visualization

Filip Kulas - coder, data analist, route costs planner

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